Some interesting armor making links

(send me more if you have any good’ens)


Leather clam shell gauntlets

Another demi gauntlet pattern

Courbolli armor making (cariadoc)

Buncha nice links

Making finger gauntlets, with fluting instructions

Bunch more armor links

Lots of links, the armory

midrealm links site (NICE)

Leather half gauntlets with metal inserts and edge rolling instructions

Examples pf period Scottish basket hilts

More documentation on period Scottish basket hilts

THE definitive, unarguable documentation of period English / Scottish basket hilts

An interesting overview of post period basket hilts, which in passing describes how they are made

Interesting link to a site of baskethilst of the 17th century dug up in Virginia, but they are the Sterling? style which is bars instead of the Glasgow? which is plates.