The High speed No drag Instructions on how to make your own Half gauntlet pattern.

(No teasing about the drawing is did them really fast in MSPaint ;p~)


The Metacarpal plate.

  1. Get 2 piece of paper; preferably stiff (say a brown paper bag or some construction paper, but any paper will do.
  2. Trace your hand to get a rough pattern, skip the fingers. And thumb, but get the knuckles.




  1. Cut out the rough pattern with plenty of room to spare, especially on the ends
  2. Lay it on your non dominant hand (always do your “bad hand” first, so you get to practice before making one for your good hand)
  3. Cut away the parts that don’t look like your hand J
  4. Leave extra at both “ends” because you are going to want to have room for padding, etc.(extend at the “thickness of hand” section for more padding)
  5. Bend your wrist 90 degrees up
  6. Draw a line along the fold of your wrist on the pattern
  7. Cut away the excess along that line
  8. Repeat 7-10 till you can bend at your wrist and not get caught on the pattern
  9. Grab a sword or stick, cut away anything in the pointer finger/thumb gap that touches the sword.

 image of hand

  1. Bingo you have a Metacarpal plate pattern for you gauntlet


Onto the CUFF!

  1. Measure the distance from your wrist fold to the end of your Vambrace, add a little and this is the length of your cuff (watch out for buckles) if you overlap too much it can bind on buckles.


  1. Lay out a rough Cuff shape(see pic)
  2. Copy the wrist curve of the metacarpal onto the inner edge of the cuff shape.
  3. Put 2 holes on the end of the cuff to rivet it together (or 4 to lace it together)
  4. Play the bisecting holes game to get lacing holes on cuff and gauntlet (2 holes at the end, the put one in the middle, put one in the middle of each of the 3 spaces, repeat till you have enough holes)


  1. Lay the metacarpal plate of your gauntlet pattern out on your hand to find natural comfort points for strapping.
  2. Put holes at endpoints to lace it together.(I use elastic, but sinew works fine)
  3. Lay the pattern on the back of your hand and flip it over draw lined for your wrist straps and put holes at the end points.


Turning the pattern into reality

  1. Lay out the pieces (flesh to the inside, if leather)
  2. Flop them both over for the other hand.
  3. Cut out the pieces
  4. Punch the holes.
  5. Shape the material if not leather
  6. Lace the cuff onto the metacarpal.
  7. Rivet the cuff ends together
  8. Lace on the palm straps or put in palm laces. (I use elastic)
  9. Get some leather dye and dye it a pretty color
  10. Get a paint pen or some rivets and studs and decorate the cuff
  11. Sit back and admire the fine half gauntlet you just made.